Completed Products From Start to Finish

A question that we have always asked ourselves in the Alberta market is, “Why would we create a custom masterpiece and carry it through 80% of completion, and then allow another trade to finish it off?”.

Are these trades qualified to finish our work? Do you really want the same people who paint your basic walls to apply product to your hardwood staircase? Would you do the same for your kitchen cabinets? Can we warranty the cosmetic finish that someone has applied when we haven’t approved their qualifications? How much money, time and stress will you save yourself if the job is finished properly the first time?

The truth of the matter is the final finish can make, break or even destroy a custom staircase and railing job.

Our solution is to sell all of our work as a finished entity using professional wood finishers, not regular house painters. Listed on the right are some of the important differences.

Try out our recommended finishing experts, for complete customer satisfaction results.

Higher Quality Finishing Standards

  • Our finishers will identify the finishes needed to be used depending on the scope of work which can often vary, choosing the right products for their environment.
  • Our finishers always do additional fine sanding and prep work before a single drop of stain is applied.
  • Our finishers will condition the wood when required in order to accept a consistent quality finish.
  • Our finishers use proper masking and covering methods to prevent things such as overspray.
  • Our finishers can use either wiping or spray stains depending once again on the application.
  • Our finishers work for us not against us, unlike many unqualified painters who will immediately defer their shortcomings to another trade.
  • Our finishers guarantee their work to your complete satisfaction.
  • Our finishers have had to repair or re-do an extremely high number of jobs that other painting companies fell short on, which can unfortunately cost clients a lot more time and money than necessary.